The general idea of ​​the Project is to improve the skills and employability of young people with special attention to those who have fewer opportunities by creating Local Intergenerational Civic Councils. The CIA project makes the relationship between young and old can be extremely positive, allowing on the one hand the development of personal and professional skills based on the exchange of knowledge and experiences between young and old through Local Intergenerational Civic Councils, with the aim of improving the employability of young people and allow their access to civic decision-making, with special reference to the group of young people who, due to their scarce training, experience or level of skill development, have greater difficulties in entering the labor market.

The objectives proposed in the CIA project are:
- Promote the employability of young people through local civic intergenerational participation
- Foster an open and participatory dialogue among young people, the elderly and local stakeholders
- Promote, through intergenerational councils, the active participation of young people in civic decision-making
- Support employability actions through active youth-adult cooperation
- Use emotional intelligence as a means of developing interpersonal skills and competences through young-adult relationships

The activities of the project aimed at achieving the project's objectives and achieving the planned results include the following:
The development of three intellectual products:
IO1.-Operational manual for the functioning of the local civic intergenerational councils and drafting of a Training Module based on the development of specific "hard" skills for the participants in the CIA.
IO2.-Practical guide for facilitators and interlocutors of Inter-generational Civic Agents
IO3.-Collaborative platform for the promotion of the Intergenerational Civic Councils and training of facilitators and interlocutors.
Conducting a training course for civic intergenerational agents: non-formal training of facilitators and interlocutors of the CIA.
Organization of five workshops to improve the functioning of the CIA

The expected results during the execution of the CIA project are the following:
- The creation of a Local Civic Intergenerational Council model, applicable to the objectives and functionalities of the project that can be extrapolated to the different European countries.
- The implementation in each partner country of an Intergenerational Civic Council managed by the facilitators that present the results obtained in the CIA project
- The creation of a collaborative platform that will allow, on the one hand, the electronic learning of future CIA agents and facilitators through the modules already created and, on the other hand, serve as a collaboration channel between youth and Civic Intergenerational Councils and their corresponding agents in order to help fulfill the objectives set in the project.

The target groups of the project, all of them directly or indirectly involved in the project scenario, are the following:
-Young (with special attention to those with lower professional qualifications)
- Youth employment agents
- Town Halls
- Elders associations
- Local development agencies
- Training centers linked to the training of young people with less possibilities
- Local employment agents
- Regional governments
- Chambers of Commerce
- Youth NGOs