This project intend to reach many results starting from a simple sentence: Seniors have much more to do and know than you think! Our long term aim is to build bridges through aged persons in different european countries.
The crucial point is to experiment english, use it for comunicate and not just teach it in traditional theorical way.
You can use the Montessori method to teach the elderly by creating places where you learn English, experiment with English and participate socially in European culture and at the same time: the EnForSe Corners!
During their activities these EnForSe Corners will give opportunities for meetings between Seniors who live in different countries and who use English to communicate.
Through this project we will introduce to the Montessori Method a sort number of teachers and adult trainers in the field of language learning


  • International meetings to present each partner, bring each own experience to the table, share needs and get involved in the follow up of the creation and implementation of EnForse Corner and EnForSe Day.
  • Learning Teacher Trainings courses on: Montessori method from basis to evolution, Montessori Mehtod inspired practices.
  • Create a EnForSe practical guidelines to teach english to senior using a Montessori inspire method.
  • Workshop to define and create all the activities and timesheet for the EnForSe Corner and EnForSe Day.
  • EnForSe special Room placed in EUROPE FOR ALL location to coordinate all the EnForSe Corners.
  • English corner station called EnForSe Corner will be set up at the headquarters of each partner, where activities will be carried out to put the various organizations in contact with each other.
  • EnForSe Day, in which each participant will use english to comunicate and share significan new sociality.