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Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
01-01-2020 - 31-10-2022


“Flip Edu Up (FEU)” aims to modernise the adult education and vocational training system through Blended Learning via the main objectives listed below :
• Improve the teaching skills of adult educators/trainers
• Improve the digital skills of educators/trainers and adult learners
• Improve the capacity of adult educators to deliver high-quality courses using blended learning
• Support modernisation of educational training systems
• Help prepare education providers’ readiness, resiliency and efficiency when handling force majeure situations by equipping them with tools and mindset necessary to continue the learning process and progress
• Smoothen the transition from traditional classroom learning environments to online learning environments for situations where a hybrid/blended learning environment is not an option


The project will offer educators/trainers the opportunity to learn how to tailor the Blended Learning method’s models to suit the needs of their learners and as such be able to implement their own combination of models to reach their unique educational goals. The end goal is to assist educators in becoming expert designers of innovative learning environments.
The main outcomes of the project:

1) Guidelines “Methodology, Quality Assurance and Evaluation for Blended Learning Approach in adult education”
The guidelines aim to become a “manual” for adult education and vocational training organisations,
educators/trainers and other stakeholders in AE to refer to when integrating blended learning in their educational programmes when continuously striving to produce fruitful results.

2) E-platform – Community of innovators -whose multilingual e- courses and social learning area will enable autonomous learning by educators in partner countries and in Europe
The E-learning platform will consist of 2 main elements:
i) Practical online courses for educators/trainer to access and receive support from the course creators when embarking on in the Blended Learning journey
ii) Learning space (community of innovators), which will allow users to come together and learn from each other interactively.


The project will target European adult education centres and adult educators searching for support to improve their competences in teaching and digital skills in order to digitalise their teaching programmes and engage adult learners. The project expects to have 65 adult educators/trainers, 500 adult learners and 50 stakeholders directly involved in project activities.
Project will:

  • Raise the awareness among target group and stakeholders on the importance of digital skills and new teaching approaches aimed at supporting adult educators’ efforts to modernize our current adult education systems and increase adult learners engagement;
  • Increase the capacity of target groups and stakeholders by providing them with new teaching methods, tools and guidelines needed to improve their learning offers, making them more relatable, motivating, inclusive and effective for learners of various backgrounds and learning styles;
  • Increase the cooperation among stakeholders (e.g. adult educators and trainers, mentors, representatives from adult education institutions and associations, VET providers, adult policy makers, various public bodies) working towards the same goal i.e. modernisation of their learning offer and adult education systems as a whole.