JOB ME! Multilateral Youth Exchange

Welcome to Job Me! Multilateral Youth Exchange, a activity supported by the European Commission trough the Erasmus+ Program and implemented in Romania by Youth on the Move Association as a coordinating organization and four other organisations from Italy, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia

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I Move! You move! Everybody moves for movies!

The project aims to involve youth workers and artists from various corners of Europe, in order to exchange and develop educational tools that use the seventh art as a source of inspiration and encouragement to young people, calling them to the attention of the potential of its natural habitat, transforming leading to become active agents in its development as members of a community.

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Youth Eco-Style

The main project “Youth Eco-Style” theme - environmental ecology and youth volunteering.The project aim is to inspire young people-in the hearts of the belief that everything is possible to do everything to reach, teach teamwork, inter cultural cooperation, and environmental education, teaching, recycling, and volunteering at an example.

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The main objective of the “I CARE” project is to raise awareness and building the capacity on healthy lifestyle topic of female and male youngsters from Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Poland, so that they are better able to utilize and popularize it back to their communities through methods of peer to peer education.

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The idea of the ‘Correlation’ project came from our observations while our cooperation with other organizations and a research that we did to our network about how to support volunteers in their organization. The results of the research and the number of the responses of potential partners prove that there is a need of the organizations. On account of this our goal is to empower the organizations, so that they are able to support the people who are involved in their organization.

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In order to efficiently and intensive multiplication of knowledge in compliance with the profile of our Institute, we are applying for participation in national and international research programs, in particular within European Union programs. The effects of scientific and research activities of the Institute, are presented and disseminated in scientific conferences and scientific publications.

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