ICT & EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL NETWORK offers a worldwide and unique forum to exchange the ideas and by presenting their latest researches and findings on the application of information and communication technologies to Education. This International research network look at how technology can act as an agent of meaningful impetus for change in practice, significantly altering the way teachers, students and schools operate, and allowing them to reorganise, reinvent and rebuild pedagogical practices, routines and thinking in ways that reflect the changing technological and sociological climate in which students are learning. The following areas will be covered, but are not limited: ••Integrating ICT into education ••The eLearning phenomenon ••Software and hardware used in education ••Educational projects ••Personalized learning ••21st Century Educational Technologies ••Collaborative learning


Coordinator: Luis Ochoa Siguencia , The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland, l.ochoa@awf.katowice.pl
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0001-8515-0216
Co-coordinator: Gilberto Marzano, Rezekne University, Latvia, gilberto.marzano@rta.lv

Board Members:

Ronald M. Rivas, Canisius College - USA
Zofia Gródek-Szostak, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie, Poland
Radomir Ščurek, Technical University of Ostrava - Czech Republic
Francisco Ochoa Díaz, ICESI University - Colombia

Advisory Board

Gergana Zhelyazkova, Varna Free University - Bulgaria
Agata Chmielarz, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice - Poland
Seden Dogan, Ondokuz Mayis University - Turkey
Agnieszka Chęcińska-Kopiec, The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland

Interesting papers

  • Learning from the knowledge and expertice of others
  • EPSS – method and tools for improving the competence in the XXI century
  • Building Democratic Europe Together: Multiplier event in Czestochowa
  • Online work-space-shared management to support collaborative learning
  • Online collaborative learning: the EsCAlADE training experiment
  • ICT for professional development of adult education staff management: challenges and prospects in the Silesia region
  • Challenges of Web-Based Participatory Learning
  • Applied Information and Communication Technology
  • Experimenting participative e-learning in non-formal adult education: the ESCALADE project
  • Key issues in adult non formal participatory e-learning
  • Creating effective online collaborative learning groups at higher education institutions
  • Psycho-educational context of supporting seniors in poland, using tools from the EDUSENIOR project
  • Lifelong learning and active citizenship : the case of Directing Life Change project
  • A toolkit to evaluate the impact of an educational action to seniors’ quality of life 
  • Analysis of selected areas of educational activity of senior citizens
  • Use of online collaborative writing tools by students of higher education
  • Electronic media management – use of cloud computing in students of higher school
  • Impact on Senior Learners’ Quality of Life through Lifelong Learning
  • Zestaw narzędzi ewaluacyjnych dla instytucji oświatowych Zwiększenie wpływu edukacji na jakość życia seniorów
  • A toolkit to evaluate the impact of an educational action to senior
  • Knowledge transfer in school-enterprise cooperation of vocational education: enhancing students’ self-learning ability for employability
  • Education Models
  • Evaluation toolkit for educational institutions Increasing impact on Senior learners’ Quality of Life
  • Zastosowanie technologii informacyjno–komunikacyjnych w edukacji: udoskonalanie badań naukowych i rozwoju zawodowego
  • Las nuevas tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones: Impacto de Internet en la formación Universitaria
  • Investigación e Innovación en Educación: Encuestas online como herramienta de investigación
  • Influence of ICT Security management in the implementation of ICT for educational purposes at high school: case study of Radom region
  • Instructional and Cognitive Impacts of Online Learning Tools for Internet Based Education at Higher Schools
  • Effective Learning Environment Management through the implementation of online cooperative learning tools at Higher Schools
  • Influence of Information and Communication Technology Security management
  • Internet i jego nowoczesne narzedzia a idea uczenia sie przez cale zycie na przykladzie Wyzszej Szkoly Ekonomii i Administracji w Bytomiu
  • E-teaching as a form of creating personal dispositions that increase work efficiency (doi: 10.3991/ijac.v1i2.574)