"Number and profile of the participants

The 26 participants are going to be youth workers and volunteers motivated to develop their knowledge and skills and to share their experiences with others; open to other cultures and willing to disseminate what they would acquire in the training and ability to develop projects related to Digital Education.


The training will be based on non-formal and informal education with a learner-centred approach. We will carry out activities such as icebreakers and energisers, discussions in the plenary, question and answer sessions, team- building activities, debriefing after each exercise, case studies, work in small groups, brainstorming, presentations, info sessions for theoretical input, hands-on experiences, team games, tests, intercultural events (international night).
There will be a place for reflection on learning experiences and outcomes (with Reflection Groups and with the Youthpass and the Digital Competence Assessment Tool processes) and different types of evaluation/ self- assessment.